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Poster Presentation on SWEMP Sympozium Prague 2010, 24 - 26 May, 2010

The VaV Project MŠMT  Nové přístupy umožňující výzkum efektivních postupů pro rekultivaci a a sanaci devastovaných oblastí.  (New approaches enabling research of effective procedures for recultivation and redevelopment of devastated land)


Research Teams:

Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze – Fakulta životního prostředí

R-Princip Most, s.r.o.


Project Term:

2008 - 2011


Web page can be found on:


The subject of the project is a collection of mutually interconnected spheres oriented towards working out long-term strategies for sustainable development of post-mining areas of Podkrušnohoří in concurrence with the surrounding landscape and with timely intervention against risk and change.


The aim of the section, handled by R-Princip Most, s.r.o., has the title Specifikace současného stavu a perspektivy řešení hydrologického režimu krajiny podkrušnohorských pánví. (Specifying the present state and perspectives of solving the hydrogeological regime of landscape of the Podkrušnohorský basin)


The results of solving the aims of this section is to classify the impact of termination of mining (pumping out of mine water, filling of residual pits and their subsequent connection, redirection of watercourses in the hydrological regime, classification of various agents, influencing the final quality of the water in the lakes of residual pits and watercourses of the basin.


When working on projects of this nature, R-Princip s.r.o., has, during its existence, obtained over 15 years of experience from various related studies and projects (e.g., as regards general redevelopment and recultivation plans for individual mining localities and their monitoring, recultivation plans and further documentation with known, associated problems).


The primary aim of the solution is a renewal of the water regime of post-mining areas historically affected by waterlogging, especially as the landscape of the Most region in the central part of the North Bohemian brown coal basin now belongs amongst the driest areas in the Czech Republic. The phenomenon of this area is multiplied due to the fact that it lies within the rain shadow of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory) This state could be further aggravated by the anticipated climatic changes, which predict future movement of the rainy season from the vegetative period to the autumn and winter months, and even more so with increased frequency of rain with fewer light showers.


This could negatively influence vegetation in the basin area. It is therefore necessary to safeguard well-balanced water resources in this land. The return of water aimed at use for vegetation in the region would possibly offset the rainfall regime.


With the lakes of residual pits (in both Podkrušnohorský districts, it was recommended that all pits be flooded with water after mining ends), multi-functional use is assumed. They will create an aesthetic element in the region, a form strengthening the territorial system of ecological stability, and at the same time serving a sport and recreational use, sports fishing and recently even the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

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