Recent selected references:


  1. Creating financial reserves for redevelopment and recultivation of land affected by mining activities of  Sokolovské uhelné právního nástupce, a.s. (March 2009)

  2. Accumulation of surface and underground waters in the Most lake (July 2009)

  3. Plan of redevelopment and recultivation for POPD mine Bílina for the period 2010 – 2030 (October 2009)

  4. Annually updated recultivation plan for SD a.s. – Doly Nástup Tušimice and Doly Bílina (1998- 2009)

  5. Measuring and evaluating water quality in the lake of the residual pits of mines Barbora and Otakar (annually from 1998)

  6. Accumulation of water in the residual pits of Chabařovice mine(annually evaluated from 2001)

  7. The influence of brown coal extraction on the environment of the Most region(December 2007)

  8. Evaluation of the progress of  Bílina and Libouš mines(SD a.s.) in context with  revitalization measures according to government decree No.. 272/2002 (May 2007)

  9. Supporting documents for fulfilling of the EU Program – ReRegions, for the regional authority of the Usti region (December 2005)

  10. Supervisory measures for removal of the critical state of the coal-ash settling basin in the V Němcích Scholler mine (2004-2007)

  11. Supervisory measures for redressing old ecological damage  - Recultivation of  the Podkrušnohorské spoil tip – IV. stage (2004-continuing), VI. stage (2007-continuing)

  12. Supervisory measures for redressing old ecological damage  - Recultivation of Obránců Míru mine– V. stage (2008-continuing)

  13. Residual pit of ČSA mine upon finishing mining activities up to mining limits (October 2008)

  14. Overall redevelopment and recultivation plan for Nástup Tušimice mine – updated (December 2008)

  15. Overall redevelopment and recultivation plan for Bílina mine with mine advance beyond the existing territorial mining limits in accordance with government decree No. 1176/2008 (October 2009)

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