Services in the area of landscape renewal, integrated post-mining land use.


  1. Overall plans for redevelopment and recultivation in line with mining law

  2. General recultivation

  3. Redevelopment and recultivation projects

  4. Solving the problem of post-mining residual pits

  5. Maintenance and removal of spoil-tips after deep mining

  6. Studies and projects to renew the function of land affected by surface mining

  7. Studies into water resource systems

  8. Technical plans for mine liquidation

  9. Revitalization and resocialisation of land affected by mining activities

  10. Studies and projects for coal-ash settling basins of thermal power stations

  11. Development prognoses for land affected by open-cast mining

  12. Supervisory activities



Environmental protection during mining


  1. Plans to open, prepare and extract seams of mineral deposits

  2. Financial reserves for recultivation as required by mining law

  3. Refinement of recultivation plans with a view to environmental protection

  4. Hydrogeological studies of abandoned mine water



Monitoring of foreign and domestic information sources including performing background research and studies in the areas of redevelopment, recultivation and renewal of the post-mined landscape.


  1. Routine monitoring of the most important databases of the European and Global coal industry, clean energy generation from coal, redevelopment and recultivation of mined out land

  2. Performing research and studies according to specific requirements and requests.

  3. Assistance in planning and running international events – symposiums, workshops, conferences at home and abroad, focussing on redevelopment, recultivation and renewal of the post-mining landscape.

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